Space dedicated to creativity

The shared workshop is a space dedicated to creativity. Whether you are professional or not; Whether you have a project in hand or want to explore and experiment aimlessly, Hybris opens the doors for you to work and ramble in a space of trust, freedom and tranquility.

Currently there are 2 places available that include:

– individual table and storage
– shared workshop table
– tools and materials available
– space for exhibition and presentation of projects
– cafeteria and office
– audiovisual material
– printer and plotter
– internet and wifi
-freedom of expansion
– And a long etcetera

This is not a coworking. It is the result of a common state of mind that claims a space for creativity, play and exchange. A space for action and spontaneity, a place to identify and recognize oneself, fleeing from homogeneity and excessive calculation. Any excuse is good to release the creative monster that we all carry inside and question art and life.

If you want more info do not hesitate to write us: tallercompartit@espaihybris.org

hybris is eating the dessert before the vegetable www.facebook.com/espaihybris

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Talleres Barcelona

  • Price Range 150€ - 150€

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