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Madrid Workshop It is a collective space with several lines of action: it has a school that offers training workshops from different artistic areas, a coworking space and a producer of cultural events. Gonzalo Escarpa, writer and cultural manager, directs his activities.

Since its birth, in 2006, La Piscifactoría has had different venues and formats. In Madrid he occupied a store on Calle Pez, then in Delicias, and finally in Manuela Malasaña 11, in a very spacious office where very special events took place, such as the Balcon Music Festival, and more than 500 workshops were held.

Later the project moved to Cádiz, and from there to Mexico, and became itinerant, offering workshops in different cities of the world. Since February 2018 the headquarters of La Piscifactoría is once again the Malasaña neighborhood, in Madrid.

1 day € 8
6 days / month € 40
Half day € 80
Full day € 130
Boardroom, 2 h € 15

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  • Price Range 8€ - 130€

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