Shared workshop in Barcelona


In Sant Andreu, 300 meters from the Fabra i Puig stop and the Sant Andreu Arenal train station.

The workshop measures a total of about 150 meters. It is divided mainly into two areas: A larger one for the production of artistic pieces with woodworking machinery, iron … and a smaller one for different functions, separated from the main one, with double access and where a Design is currently working – Graphic Dor.

In this last area a space of approximately 16 m2 is rented. In the last year it has been occupied by a jeweler.

The workshop has a bathroom, a fully equipped kitchen and a very large open patio of about 60 m2.

Currently 5 people work in the workshop. A graphic designer, a boy who is dedicated to screen printing, a sculptor, a carpenter and a blacksmith.

We would like to find someone to share our work day, that person will be welcome to bring positive energy and good vibes to our small community.

If you are interested, contact us.


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Workshop in Gracia | Study | DCHP

  • Price Range 230€ - 230€

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