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Get up from your computer chair, meet different people with the same concerns as you. Being able to exchange knowledge, share emotions, in short, ENJOY. That is the essence of REVEALING. Choose your next destination with us and let us take care of the rest.


We consider the B/W Photography Laboratory workshop as a new opportunity to make art.
Discover the magic of classic B/W photography by learning the basics of the darkroom. We will work from taking images with analog cameras to developing negatives, contact sheets and enlargements. You will be able to understand how contrast control works in the laboratory and how to make local adjustments to the image using reservations.
With the alternative techniques workshop you will make the emulsions yourself, you will apply them on the surface you want, which can be paper, cardboard, fabric or any other, you will see how the exposure and development works. These techniques have a more painterly finish.
With the Polaroid workshop you will enjoy manipulating the material with different techniques that will give us different finishes but also with a marked pictorial aspect.

As you will see in all the workshops you, your hands and your creativity will be the protagonists.

Practice slow photography, haste kills


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Estudio fotográfico Madrid + Coworking

  • Price Range 10€/h - 10€/h

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