DF photo studio

We are a film equipment rental company located in Mexico City.

We focus on meeting the requirements of directors, producers. photographers, independent filmmakers, companies and production houses that develop in the field of advertising, art or research.

Providing a professional and comprehensive service is our most important objective.

DF photo studio

  • 25m. of width X 38m. long X 12m. Tall.
  • Stay for clients with air conditioning and private bathrooms.
  • Production office with 2 extensions.
  • Cyclorama 23m. X 12m
  • Dressing room for makeup (For 4 people simultaneously and area for hair washing)
  • Dressing room for dressing room (with shower, changing rooms, hanging area and mirrors.)
  • Extraction of air and washed air.
  • Pit for effects
  • Fourth Obscure
  • Dining area
  • Sanitary
  • Work light, water and electricity for construction
  • Parking lot


  • 7m of width X 9.70m. long X 4m. Tall.
  • 3 Phases of 10,000 watts each
* Leased for hours, days and days

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