Art production space

BcnCreative is an artistic production space in the neighborhood of Poblenou, ideal to share learn or teach in an environment of individual or group creative experiences, linked to the plastic, image and music.

The space available for 250 euros per month is 4.5 x 2.5 meters and is located in the front room of the studio (9 x 4.5 meters) which is very bright and clear so despite the basic measures described, we work in a wider space capable of adapting to production and the moment.

In the middle room there is a young studio for musical or audiovisual production.

In the back room is the workshop warehouse: metal shelves to organize and dispose of all the materials and tools, large glass table to make cuts or produce colors, small luminous table of tracing.

It has Internet / Wi Fi good quality, washbasin, fridge, sink, utensils to heat or prepare simple food. Space of artistic production.

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  • Price Range 200€ - 300€

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