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WeWork is an international network of coworking spaces where companies grow together. Our spaces have an ideal location and include private offices and different shared work areas, designed to promote productivity. It does not matter if you are one, two or one hundred employees;

At WeWork we know what you need and that is why we offer maximum flexibility, in addition to a single and inclusive rate that greatly facilitates everyone’s work.

Any office can have a lounge to rest or a kitchen with a coffee machine, but we have spectacular views, custom walls, a bar with microtestado coffee and water with fresh fruits. What more could you want!

Feeling comfortable in your office is important and at WeWork we are aware that every detail counts. Therefore, in addition to good facilities, staff at your disposal and all kinds of services, we offer you the possibility to be part of our network of companies and participate in the different internal events that we organize ad hoc for you and the rest of the teams.

Without a doubt, the best way to stay connected between us and promote networking moments and spaces. Soon we will expand information about our coworking spaces but, for now, do not hesitate to contact us and ask us any questions you may have. Write us today and schedule a visit to meet us!


Personal desk per person € 400 / month

Hot Desk per person € 250 / month


– 1 Site € 500 / month

– 2 Sites € 960 / month

– 3 Sites € 1,350 / month

– 4 Sites € 2,150 / month

– 5 Sites € 2,500 / month

– 6 Sites € 2,700 / month

– 7 Sites € 3,200 / month

– 8 Sites € 3,650 / month

– 9 Sites € 4,100 / month


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Study Architecture and communication for share

  • Price Range 250€ - +2000€

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