Coworking Onecowork in Barcelona

A space designed inside the The Gallery building inside the One Ocean Port Vell. Triangular in shape, it imitates the prow of a megayacht, totally glazed and surrounded by a large terrace. The space is absolutely Zen, with a very unique and comfortable decoration. From our table it is enough to look up and we have all the Collserola saw before our eyes; the Tibidabo, Torre de Collserola, the Cathedral, Colon etc etc.

Several options:

Coworking OneMember

This member has access once a week during business days. You have all the access to our events, and you have the possibility to buy credits to print and to book meeting rooms in both locations (€ 60 per month).

Coworking Hot Desk

This partner can sit wherever there is space in the common areas, with access 24/7. Some credits are already included for the meeting rooms. For your interests you can choose to rent a personal box office (€ 200 per month)

Coworking Personal Desk

This partner has a fixed desk with a closed drawer. You can leave your belongings on your site, and have credits for meeting room and print (€ 300 per month)

Personal Office

These partners have a private office that is locked. They have more credits for meeting rooms and printing. (€ 400 and € 450 per month, per person). The exact cost depends on the office.

All options include wifi, security, water, coffee, tea, discounts and access to OneCoWork. events.

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  • Price Range 60€ - 450€

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