Coworking La Colmena Creativa

Innovation and success require will and a lot of discipline, this is how the idea of ​​sharing a space where you can build discipline and encourage the willing to throw yourself into the unknown, in a casual and comfortable work environment, full of incredible people arose like you, trying to make a difference, challenging those who doubt and building the path to achieve everything.

Colmena Creativa is a shared work space (Co-working) for you, with a delicious coffee to keep you alert, fruit, water and cookies to give you the energy you need to continue creating and achieving the impossible.

We have a common area where you can choose your place in a shared table, ready for you to release all your talent without distractions, and if you prefer we can adapt a couple of desks for your team, or even select your favorite desk and keep it fixed, being always surrounded by inspiring people, all making community, a hive.

Coworking – COMMON AREA

$ 150 x 4 hours
$ 200 per day
$ 1,600 per month

Coworking – FIXED PLACE

$ 2,000 per month

Single table

$ 2,500 per month

Rental – MEETING ROOM 4-6 Pax

$ 220 per hour
$ 820 x 4 hours
$ 1,500 x 8 hours

Rent – MEETING ROOM 8-10 Pax

$ 450 per hour
$ 1,700 x 4 hours
$ 3,200 x 8 hours


$ 150 x 4 hours per person
$ 270 x day x person

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  • Price Range 150$ - 3.200$

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