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The Motorcycle Garage is established as a motorcycle club that wants to offer all mechanical enthusiasts a space where they can carry out their projects and repairs.

Regardless of the level of knowledge you have, at TMG you will find a comfortable environment where you can learn, share and experience everything related to this world, in a family environment that will make you feel like you are in your home garage.


What does a Workshop include?

An extra helping hand whenever you need it
Complete tool trolley (depending on the chosen workshop)
Compressor with pressure gauge and blower
Use of elevators or trestles (depending on the chosen workshop)
Use of available products (WD40, brake cleaner, different lubricants)
Access to available workshop and maintenance books
Recycling brake fluid, pads, motor oil and coolant
Screw work table access
Use of specific shared tools


Fees / Partners


Annual fee (access to the workshop and club kdd’s + gift t-shirt) € 30

Workshop access with elevator € 15 / hour

Workshop access without elevator € 10 / hour

10 hour voucher * (For those who want to have their motorcycle always ready) € 100

30-hour voucher * (Cafe racer, preparations, restorations, …) 250 €

Parking (according to availability) € 5 / day, € 60 / month


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  • Price Range 5€ - 250€

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