Rent yoga rooms, therapies, workshops, regressions and room with whirlpool


Coach room rental | Regressions € 20

This lovely room features a desk, speaker, tea table, electric fireplace, armchair, and full-length recliner.

Ideal for coaching sessions, past life therapy, etc.


Room rental with stretcher € 12

This room has a large stretcher with armrests and an accessory headboard. The rent also includes stretcher paper, towels, speaker, among others. Ideal for massage sessions, reiki, acupuncture, gem therapy, etc.


Yoga room rental, talks and workshops € 20

This 35m2 room has the best quality mats, mats and zafus. There are also blankets, speaker, candles and incense at your disposal. Ideal for Yoga classes, courses, Qigong, Meditation, Tantra, talks, constellations, etc.


Room rental with futon and whirlpool 20 €

This beautiful and unique therapy room has a 2m x 2m futon and a 2m x 1.80m whirlpool, as well as towels, blankets, speakers, candles, incense, disposable slippers, and everything you need to make your ground massage sessions (Thai massage, tantric massage, etc.) or underwater rebirthing sessions.


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Study in Gracia – Coworking | L’Altell

  • Price Range 5€ - 20€

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