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Coworking Room for Wellbeing

Espacio Centro de la Tierra is born from love and effort, from the enthusiasm to generate a space where they can
converge countless activities aimed at the same common cause, the welfare of people.

The Center of the Earth is made up of a single space distributed in two rooms, one upstairs and the large room downstairs.

It has an area of ​​54 m2 and capacity for 20 extended yoga mats. Soundproof, white and relaxing; to completely immerse yourself in the stillness, away from the noise of the city without leaving it.

Coated with a vinyl and carpeted floor for a smooth ride. Setting of warm and adjustable lights to each situation. An ideal and adjustable temperature with industrial turbines. Acoustically isolated from the outside, which means that the sound we produce does not go out, as well as preventing external noise from entering the room.

We have equipment with mats, blankets, cushions, blocks, sound equipment, ventilation, heating, high speed internet and an intelligent lock.

In the reception area you will find lockers, clothes rack, washbasin, water heater for infusions that you can use for breaks or breaks.

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Design studio rent office 21 m2 inside

  • Price Range 11€ - 22€

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