Rent of shared storage room Av Meridiana, TRINITAT VELLA, Bajo NO vivienda. I offer, with a seasonal contract, to share low, for now I will be free 1 stay, and when I can empty the large room, as an office, on the ground floor of the house, for responsible, serious, solvent, with fixed income and demonstrable jobs. later, a flat or two apartments will be available. but first we need a warehouse, shop or workshop, if it can be with ford or space to get into a car or van. We look for site in a few low, garage, hangar, ship, parking.

Then you can leave free and rent the interior, whole or distribute about 40 square meters in 2 spaces, separated with fixed or sliding division, leaving 10 to 20 m2 in each room, medium and large to share, there is another 6 m2, and a toilet, without shower or kitchen, as a separate annex of a floor, to use as a mini-warehouse, artisan workshop or artistic studio. we are looking for a warehouse, or a parking space / garage, several parking spaces, in barcelona, ​​districts sant marti, sant andreu, or san andres de la barca. neighborhoods of clot c / valencia enamorados rogent mallorca or navas de tolosa. If you have to fix or empty the lower part of a house, farm or premises, better if it is medium or large, you can give up the part you do not need, fix and paint everything, call from 10 to 22 hours. Thank you. Low. CE: G

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