Room rental for activities and parties

It doesn’t matter if there are thirty, one hundred or more attendees. It doesn’t matter if we talk about a workshop, a conference, a workshop, a showroom, a corporate, cultural or social event such as a wedding or an anniversary. In fact, it doesn’t matter if the goal is to sell, train, debate, generate reflection, awaken ideas or celebrate life. In all cases there is a transversal goal to all that, regardless of the reason and the objective of the event: to create experiences that thrill and reach people’s hearts.

EO7 / MAD is a creative holistic space, right in the center of Madrid. We seek personal growth, through multisensory artistic development, we create community and
openness of consciousness, we believe in a profound change of paradigm, of values,
awakening and human evolution.

A living and integral space where you can attend talks or training courses, music, dance, art and awareness in search of self-knowledge and emotional healing. A space of artistic expression, movement, and body awareness, while enjoying our healthy cooking in good company.

A framework to create a sensory experience and achieve balance: body, mind and energy.

EO7 | MAD is a meeting place designed for training, growth and celebration that invites to integrate emotions, senses and experiences.

An alternative about how to see, live, think and love this world with an unbeatable framework for your event.

* Price: € 75 / h (on average, sometimes according to schedule and activity the price can vary .. from € 20 / hour.

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  • Price Range 75€ - 20€

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