Rent of photographic studio in Barcelona

* Description of the ad: The most LOWCOST photo studio in Barcelona PLATE RENT at € 12 an hour. *
We have elinchrom, Profoto and continuous lighting photographic lighting material.

Are you looking for a CoWorking where you can carry out your work as an entrepreneur near Barcelona Sants? A space where you can develop your skills as a photographer, graficco designer, illustrator, audiovisual producer, creative multidisciplinary … And most importantly, are you looking to carry Do your work with tranquility and in a space without cramming? If so, this is the ad you’re looking for.
We are:
– A central CoWorking studio (110m2) located in the Sants-Bcn neighborhood (Badal metro station).
– A group of young creatives looking for a maximum of up to 2 colleagues at a shared table.
– A CoWorking studio with natural light, work tables, meeting table, space to make up, bathroom, hall, refrigerator, microwave …
– The most competitive study in Barcelona at a quality / price level.

We offer different ways of working to adapt to your possible needs:

– Coworking at work desk with total time availability = € 188 / month. (You will have your own key and your own table 24 hours a day to work at the most comfortable time you are.)
– Coworking only photographic set total availability per month 210 € / month. (Without limits of hours or days, here we do not have packs of hours, you pay a monthly fee and you come when you need it, we have an online calendar online, so you reserve your days and hours.
– Coworking at work table + photographic set 239 € / month (All expenses including electricity, water, internet, insurance, concierge … Days and unlimited hours of photographic studio).

* € 12 / h per hour without studio material

Studio rental with basic material at € 17 / h.

It includes

2 Elinchrom 500W flashes
2 windows 70x70cm
2 tripods
black and white background
2 white Porex and 1 black
Wireless trigger

We have extra material in studio as

2 Elinchrom flashes of 500W extra of the basic material (€ 5 / h uni)
1 flash Profoto D1 of 1000W (€ 10 / h)
1 Profoto Soft light kit white 25 (€ 5 / h)
1 Softbox Profoto Octa 90cm (€ 5 / h)
1 Holder + black fabric (€ 3 / h)
3 spotlights of continuous light cold and warm white (€ 10 / h uni)

Paper backgrounds gray, red, blue, pink, earth brown (one single payment of € 25)

* Prices without VAT

thank you!

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Alquiler de estudio fotográfico en Barcelona

  • Price Range 12€ - 188€

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