Consultation in Madrid in medical center

The rental of consultations in Madrid is a way of working that allows independent professionals, entrepreneurs, and from different sectors of medicine, to share the same work space, to develop their professional projects independently, while promoting joint projects . Cooperative work also offers a form of communication between the different branches, to elucidate about the same patient; and offers a solution for the problem of isolation that supposes for many specialists, the experience of the work in independent office.

Coworking in Spain

It has meant an important evolution within the labor forms in the country. Since 2012, Spain stands out as the third country worldwide (just behind the United States and Germany) with more offices for coworking, which in turn places it, together with Australia, as the country with the most coworking spaces per capita has.

Problems such as the financial crisis, prompted many entrepreneurs, freelance workers and Spanish self-employed, to opt for this movement.

In the medical center

We offer you the possibility of renting offices as fixed positions for your daily and continuous work, or more flexible for your scheduled consultations.

From Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., you can access the facilities.

You will have 8 hours of reception, manage your correspondence and give the best image to your visits.

Start working immediately in the Center of Madrid, in exclusive fully equipped offices:

– Telephone, with attention at reception, transfer of calls and taking messages.
– Fiber optic and WiFi internet connections.
– Reception and confidential management of documentation, correspondence and parcels.
– Daily cleaning of the office and common areas.
– Community, electricity, water and maintenance expenses.
– A single monthly invoice to facilitate administrative procedures.
– Center Authorized by the CM for Health Consultations (Reg nºCS2118)

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El Centro Médico Alberto Aguilera es un Centro de Consultas y Servicios ligado al